I went for domestic trips, and the place I found interesting was Nishiizu.

I went for domestic trips, and the place I found interesting was Nishiizu. Because the place I usually live in is Nagano prefecture, it is the best place to go to a warm place easily in winter, and my wife and two people went out to drive by car because the seafood is delicious. Mt. Fuji looking while eating soft cream at Asagiri Kogen on the way to Nishi Izu was also nice, and strawberry hunting at Izu Bosan was also satisfying with strawberries a lot. Also, the place is a fruit land gallery where you can eat huge strawberry parfait and melon parfait. It is a little surprising that fresh strawberries and melons ride with Dawn in parfaits that can not be eaten by themselves alone. The inn for staying was a bed and breakfast in Yagisawa Onsen of Toba. Dinner was luxurious boat prime, Izu beef steak, and I was satisfied with my full satisfaction. Although the hot spring was a bit hot, it is the best place to see Mt. Fuji over the sea. The next day, I think that it is a satisfying domestic trip from gourmet to hot spring school with a drive course that has a lot of sightseeing places, sightseeing ships of Dogago Island, Western run center, Daitama Kanayama, and not get tired. At Sohitan Kanayama, you can experience hundreds of millions of real estimates, gold bumping experiences, gold digging and so on, are you a little rich? I felt a feeling of it, it was fun.

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